23 January 2009

los nadadores que cruzaron...

photos: Leopoldo Espinoza Vera

los nadadores que cruzaron....

La Prensa Austral: Cruzaron a nado el estrecho de Magallanes

are at the moment enjoying the afterglow of many bottles of wine and a fantastically roasted lamb in the company of the wonderful extended family and home of Claudia
Nelyda Molkembuhr Sapunar, our brilliant host, who has taken on the production of this swim under the aegis of Chile Deportes...

our swim, assisted by the Armada de Punta Arenas and a wonderful armada of tonino-- Magallanes dolphins-- and penguins, was more than successful. it was positively magical, beginning with calm, then sandwiched between severe storms, ending in a tranquil sea with laughing dolphins accompanying the boats to shore.

Scott finished first in 1 hour, 18 minutes, and Mark, Cristian and I, after battling offshore currents and whirlpools, landed about 100 yards apart around 1 hour 53 minutes.

The water was 40 degrees.


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  2. Serious congrats to all of you!!!
    (I've written a few posts about you on my blog, http://fitnessforsurvivors.blogspot.com)

  3. Oh, warmest, most heartfelt congratulations!!! You are all my heros! much love and very happy vibes to you all! yay! yay!!! --christina

  4. Congratulations! Felicidades! How very wonderful. I will take your swimming lessons even more seriously in the future!