03 January 2010

cracked nuts

just another day in the deep-freezer out in Brighton. the water dipped six degrees over the past day, down to a terrifying, tendon-twitching 34. honestly, compared to the sandstorm on the icy beach, the water felt warm. my hands bear the brunt of the cold-- my inner furnace was unruffled. by the time Cristian, Jonathan and I hit the beach-- on second shift, after looking after Melissa, Patti and Michael-- it was a full-force gale.

amazingly, after my hands returned to normal, the rest of my recovery was minimal. two years ago, when we first experienced this sort of cold, it was so awful that we basically got in and got out. two full winters of acclimation and our bodies are far more capable-- the adaptation is truly physiological.

the ocean was lovely and wild, with icy waves whipping us into the froth. the surf in my face when I tried to look for Cristian ahead stung between my teeth.

I'm glad we don't have to swim tomorrow.

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