18 January 2010

make that a double

the communications rodeo continues. Cristian is in full force on this trip-- it's not often that we see him in get it done mode. thick wet rain outside our cafe-office; the tall sea-green church against the calliope-striped mountains in my view.

we've just heard from Ushuaia that the Argentinian Armada won't be willing to have a second boat meet us, so we now have to convince the Chileans to take the boats all the way across the border.

the distance they'd have us swim, frankly, is so small that it looks like we'll be able to do a double-crossing, and just leave the boats in the middle.

the small caveat: we'll have to clear immigration on the Argentinian shore. Seriously.

sigh, all those jokes about carrying our passports under our caps...

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