20 January 2010



finally, a really good night's sleep...thanks to some black storm clouds that rolled through yesterday evening. it's raining hard this morning. Luli is hyper and keeps jumping up onto our laps.

back to yesterday: Cristian and I go for a walk while the sun is still shining-- that is, around 10.30 at night-- and our sheepdog friend once again accompanies us to the boundaries of his kingdom.

down the hill, children are running and biking around the thistled lush green. the sound of a weed-whacker reverberates between the orange-trimmed houses at the end of the street. as we walk past, I catch a glimpse of the face of the whacker-- it's another one of our friends from the armada (we'd run into another captain and his novia in the market earlier). we stop and chat and I catch a fair amount: los dientes del navarino- the teeth of la Isla Navarino-- are the young mountains, plate-uplifted, off in the distance; if we hike up the small mountain behind the town, we'll be able to see West to Ushuaia and East to the place we'll be swimming. had we swum earlier? apparently they'd come out in a zodiac looking for us, which explains the unseen boat that had startled me. he is jovial and a little round; his small son pulls mischievously on the weeder's start cord.

the breeze here comes in clean, with the airy silence of wilderness.

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